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In short - we are offering legit Euro banknotes that were meant to be shredded and burned for a fraction of their value in Bitcoin. We do realize how this sounds, but it's bit more complicated than how we pictured it with the previous sentence. Each year many old or "unfit" banknotes are checked, shredded and burned to be replaced with new pristine ones. We are able to snatch the ones of better quality before they get sent to the shredder. We do keep most of them for our own needs, but we cannot spend everything our "friends" carry out. There are many simple economical processes that prevent us from doing so. For example, a huge inflation rise in a particular area is bound to attract people's attention. Our method is covered thoroughly in the "Explanation of the process" paragraph below.

Don't be a victim of marketing

You've probably heard of carding or phishing. We are people too, we tried many ways of making some money. We've been through a lot. No matter what anyone tries to tell you, previously listed methods are NOT safe, not nowadays. Every our move is being watched these days, online and physical. Cameras are everywhere and card transactions are always checked. The moment you try to use a phished or cloned card, you won't be able to feel completely safe. Things like that get traced easily as they have been around for a long, long time. Getting involved in theft, physical or digital is not a safe at any point.

Safer than any other method

Our way is kind of different. It may still be theft, but nobody really suffers from it. The Euro banknotes we are offering were meant to be destroyed in the first place. They weren't stolen from people. They are one-hundred percent legit banknotes, not simple counterfeits, so they can be used anywhere you'd like without risking a prison sentence.
Our bills aren't of perfect quality, yet they are the same notes you would normally use. They may have minor flaws such as small tears, ripped corners, jagged edges and most likely will have visible sings of wear. They aren't brand new, but that doesn't mean they are ruined beyond the point of usability.